Systematic Reviews of Animal Studies

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This e-learning in systematic reviews is a co-production from:

• Utrecht University (Utrecht, the Netherlands; Julia Menon, Anneke Jansen & Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga),
• Hannover Medical School (Hannover, Germany; Cathalijn Leenaars) and
• the Radboudumc meta-research team (Kim Wever & Carlijn Hooijmans).

It is heavily based on the original SYRCLE e-learning, which was realized with the financial support of the Dutch ministry of economic affairs and the Radboudumc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The creators of the current edition gratefully acknowledge Judith van Luijk, Rob de Vries and Marlies Leenaars for their efforts in creating the preceding version. This updated version was realized with financial support from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. 

The content (i.e., all texts) of this e-learning is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution

Hot to cite: C.H.C. Leenaars, A. Jansen, C.R. Hooijmans, K.E. Wever, J.M.L. Menon & M. Ritskes-Hoitinga (2023) E-learning systematic reviews of animal studies, version 2.0. Utrecht/ Hannover. 

The course was tested by these persons:

• Astrid van Hattem (Radboud University Nijmegen)
• Casper Verbeek (Utrecht University)
• Christine Häger (Hannover Medical School)
• Emelie Janke (Hannover Medical School)
• Felix Weijdema (Utrecht University)
• Ivo Tiebosch (Utrecht University)
• Jelle Teijema (Utrecht University)
• Julia Peters (Hannover Medical School)
• Justine Watkins (Utrecht University)
• Lydia Keubler (Hannover Medical School)
• Marcel Mertz (Hannover Medical School)
• Marja de Jong (Utrecht University)
• Miriam Zemanova (University of Fribourg)
• Nuno Franco (University of Porto)
• Pegah Pourzargham (Hannover Medical School)
• Ronald Jan Corbee (Utrecht University)
• Steven Teerenstra (Radboudumc)
• Tale Evenhuis (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences)
• Tom Roos (Utrecht University)

Mind that some pages take a while to show the “Next” button, to allow time to read their content!

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