EU-12: The severity assessment framework

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Module EU 12,  dealing with implementation of the severity assessment framework within projects using live animals, is a new addition to the EC Education & Training Framework.

This new module provides an overview of the severity assessment framework, its contribution to improving animal welfare, to promoting implementation of the Three Rs and to enhancing transparency. EU 12 is intended to complement, draw together and expand on the information and key concepts from other modules to provide a stand-alone module on severity assessment. It provides information on the prospective classification of the severity of procedures, the continuous assessment of severity and the reporting of actual severity.

It explains the principles governing severity assessment, the concept of direct and contingent suffering, the concept of cumulative severity and why severity assessment is a key component of the Directive. It is divided into three linked modules, and includes self-assessment questions so that participants can check their understanding of the concepts that are presented.

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Module EU-12 Course Contents

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