EU-25: Project evaluation

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Module EU 25 covers a range of topics relevant to the training of all those involved in project evaluation, providing guidance and information to enable individuals to understand the context, the principles and the criteria of project evaluation, to develop a consistent approach to project evaluation, and to formulate well-informed, impartial and justified opinions.

It includes training in how the objectives of the project, the application of the Three Rs and the assessment of severity classification should be used to undertake a harm benefit analysis. It provides examples of how to assess severity, giving examples of the range of harms that need to be considered and how the potential benefits of a project can be assessed.  Considerations on the requirements for retrospective assessment of projects and how amendments are dealt with are also included.

The content is designed to be accessible to both professional assessors and to lay persons who may participate in local or national ethical review of projects. It is divided into two linked modules and includes self-assessment questions so that participants can check their understanding of the concepts that are presented.

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Module EU-25 Course Contents

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